Animal Hospital of Rye

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Available Rehabilitative Treatments 


Modalities (LASER, heat, ice, TENS, NMES)


*  Acupuncture (Administered by Lisa Whalen, DVM)  Acupuncture


*  Manual Therapy (e.g joint mobilizations, passive ROM, stretching, and massage)


*  Therapeutic Exercise (e.g. caveletti rails, rocker boards, physio balls ect.)


*  Aquatic Therapy (Underwater Treadmill)


*  Orthotics/Prosthetics (e.g. braces, slings, harnesses, carts ect.)


*  Owner Education (home exercise programs)


      Under Water Treadmill 


      Laser                                                Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation 

      Theraputic Exercise